Horse Speak II with Sharon Wilsie

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Sharon Wilsie, author of Horse Speak, the Equine Human Translation Guide, returns to Thorncroft to teach part two of her ground-breaking system for communicating with horses on Sunday, April 11, 2021 at Thorncroft Equestrian Center located at 190 Line Road in Malvern, PA.

Horse Speak® is a practical system for listening and speaking to horses in their language, instead of expecting them to comprehend ours. Because Horse Speak includes listening to horses, every Horse Speak clinic is unique – it is based on the individual horses present and what they have to say in the moment. Horse Speak is based on the natural language of horses – their gestures, postures and breath sounds.

This event is sold out. To be placed on the waitlist please email Thorncroft Clinic Coordinator Lynn Hansen-Flaschen at

FMI, please contact Thorncroft Clinic Coordinator, Lynn Hansen-Flaschen at

This is an unmounted clinic. Sharon will demonstrate with Thorncroft horses. Outside horses are not permitted at this time.

Event participants are subject to follow all safety and health procedures issued by Pennsylvania, Chester County, and/or Thorncroft at the time of the event.

An Intro to Horsespeak will be offered at Lasata Farm on Saturday, April 10. FMI, please contact or call 610-866-4888.

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Beginning on March 4, this six-week session will explore horsemanship fundamentals including a study on equine behavior, learning to groom and tack, herd dynamics, and round penning. No prior horse experience is required. Class size is limited to six individuals.

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