Which New Gate Will Open For You?

At age 3, Michael would stand on the fence and watch neighbor’s horses by the barn or in the meadow for an hour or so while his friends played nearby. This was quite remarkable for Michael since he had nonstop energy and it was hard for him to be attentive to anything else for even 5 minutes. Maybe, while on that fence, he was hopeful of a time when he would be with the horses more or even ride.


Michael and Patrick - through the Open Gate

Today, Michael Serocki is a tall strong 18-year-old young man who often stands besides horses in great respect and love for his favorite animal. And it has been like that for as long as his mother can remember.

As things turned out, the one therapeutic activity that fostered Michael’s best personal qualities was equestrian riding. Thru Thorncroft Michael has been introduced to HRE, Special Olympics and the therapeutic riding programs and competitions who have accepted Michael with all of his special needs and taught him to ride, show, and compete. They have helped Michael meet his own challenges by giving him opportunities for accomplishment.

“My son’s own diverse experience and participation in the life long learning experiences that therapeutic horseback riding offers have been positive in many ways. It has given him insight into his own body awareness, increased his self esteem, self discipline, AND social skills, This work has deepened his endearing relationship with teachers, staff and horses. When recently asked what vocational track he would like to pursue, Michael chose ‘I want to learn to work and teach other riders at Thorncroft!’

"The whole equestrian world has opened up for Michael - not only the opportunity for therapy and enjoyment, but for future career planning.”

15 years after Michael first stood along the neighbors fence line his dreams became his reality. Michael has climbed down off the fence and with his horse in hand has walked thru the now open gate.

-Beth Eagen, Michael’s mom