Masterson Method Equine Bodywork Clinic with Jackie Kimmel

Sunday, December 11, 2022 from 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

Learn from Masterson Method Certified Practitioner & Coach Jackie Kimmel of Kimmel Equine Services at this clinic all about the Masterson Method Equine Bodywork.

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$40.00 per participant. Limited to 14 participants.

$15.00 for all auditors. Limited go 10 auditors.

All sales final. Registration is first come first serve.

Location: Thorncroft Equestrian Center, 190 Line Road Malvern, PA 19380
FMI or Questions: Please contact Clinic Coordinator Lynn at
Thorncroft is a mainstreaming facility welcoming individuals of all abilities. Please let us know if there are any accommodations we can support throughout the registration process and/or during the clinic.
About the Masterson Method

“The Masterson Method® is a unique, interactive method of equine bodywork that anyone can learn, to help build trust with the horse. Years of stress and stiffness can often be resolved in a few sessions, by relieving built-up tension in core muscles and key junctions of the body that affect the horse’s performance.

With The Masterson Method®, you learn to recognize and use the responses of the horse to find and release tension. In contrast to traditional massage, it works with the horse’s nervous system and the horse actively participates in the process. It is something you do with the horse, rather than to the horse. This participation and interaction are what makes the method fulfilling for those who use it and transformational for the horse. Testimonial after testimonial describe radically improved performance, movement, behavior, and relationship with the owner, as a result of The Masterson Method®.” – Jim Masterson

About Jackie:

Jackie fell in love with horses at a very young age. Later, she spent time as an equine veterinary technician and volunteering at a local therapy barn before discovering The Masterson Method®. Masterson Method Equine Bodywork is the perfect way to give back to the therapy horses she loves so much, and it also opened a door to a career with horses she did not previously know was possible.

Masterson Method focuses on reading the horse’s responses, and adjusting accordingly,  to enable the horse to release tension and increase range of motion. Jackie finds joy in the ability to work with the horse in a way that relaxes them while releasing tension.She continues to give back to the equine therapy community that inspired her. She is passionate about her work and excited to share about the benefits of MM with anyone who peeks their head into the stall during a bodywork session. Outside the barn, she spends her time creating art for her small business The Wandering Artist LLC., and working part time at a vet clinic.

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