Pony Parties

Choose Thorncroft for your Pony Party!

Looking for the perfect place to host your child’s party? Look no further then Thorncroft! We are currently booking parties for Sundays from 10am to 3pm!

Thorncroft’s Pony Parties start at $325.00 for the first 12 guests, each additional guest is $15.00 (up to 30 guests total). The $325.00 includes use of our ponies in our all-weather indoor arena, two-to-four volunteers, expert party and pony leader, Susan Walker-Russo, and the use of our spacious, heated, party room.

Outside food and beverages are welcome along with any decorations!

For more information, or to book your party, contact Susan Walker-Russo at 11susanwalker@gmail.com or (267) 879-1429.

Want to take a tour of our party space before booking?

No problem! Give us a ring at 610-644-1963.

Support the Farm!

Horses evoke deep emotional and physical responses in people, especially in individuals affected by or managing trauma or stress. Because of this innate quality, horses offer unique healing opportunities for veterans returning from service and emergency first responders.

Beginning on March 4, this six-week session will explore horsemanship fundamentals including a study on equine behavior, learning to groom and tack, herd dynamics, and round penning. No prior horse experience is required. Class size is limited to six individuals.

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