The Mainstreamers

The Thorncroft Mainstreamers are an equestrian drill team consisting of riders with and without disabilities.

They work and ride together, stewarding collaborate performances and mutual understanding. As the skill of each rider improves, their lives are also enriched by the experience.

Founded in 1986, our Mainstreamers have performed in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, and have given demonstrations of their precision drills at a number of esteemed shows including the Devon Horse Show, Dressage at Devon, Ludwigs Corner Horse Show, and The Radnor Hunt Concours d’Elegance.


Please check our social media pages and website for more information on the next tryouts, or contact Kersten Hoerner, Lead Instructor and Mainstreamers Coach, at 610-644-1963.

2019 Mainstreamers Representing Thorncroft

Head Coach: Kersten Hoerner

Assistant Coaches: Sarah Arvan and Claire Hess

Nicole Garcia

Elize Budziak 

Alyssa Abel-Doh

Anna Sanderson

Sophia Hemasillo

Dahlia Matzner

Emma Brooks

Lauren Heffner 

Sabrina Watson

Isla Carley

Support the Farm!

Horses evoke deep emotional and physical responses in people, especially in individuals affected by or managing trauma or stress. Because of this innate quality, horses offer unique healing opportunities for veterans returning from service and emergency first responders.

Beginning on March 4, this six-week session will explore horsemanship fundamentals including a study on equine behavior, learning to groom and tack, herd dynamics, and round penning. No prior horse experience is required. Class size is limited to six individuals.

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