Veterans Program

Continuing the service of our mission to those who have served our country.

Program Overview

For over 10 years, Thorncroft has had the privilege of welcoming members of our military community to participate in our Veterans Programming and Equine-Assisted-Activities.

Teaching with a strong emphasis on  foundational principles of horsemanship, Thorncroft’s Veterans programming includes lessons on equine behavior, herd dynamics, round penning, lunging, and riding.

Since its beginning, the Farm has welcomed over 100 Veterans from all branches of the military.

Thanks in great part to the Rubin family and other donors, all Veterans programming remains scholarshipped to all participants.


Intro to Horsemanship for Veterans

Developed in partnership with University of Pennsylvania Master’s Candidate Julia Gunderson, this six-week course invites all veterans to learn about equine behavior, herd dynamics, round penning, lunging, and riding.

Please stay tuned for future enrollment dates.

FMI please contact Admissions Manager Jordan Gray at 610-644-1963 or by emailing

As always Thorncroft is committed to those who have served our country by providing a full scholarship for all of our veterans. If you are interested in supporting our scholarship fund please contact Development Associate Mikaela Potrako at

Support the Farm!

Horses evoke deep emotional and physical responses in people, especially in individuals affected by or managing trauma or stress. Because of this innate quality, horses offer unique healing opportunities for veterans returning from service and emergency first responders.

Beginning on March 4, this six-week session will explore horsemanship fundamentals including a study on equine behavior, learning to groom and tack, herd dynamics, and round penning. No prior horse experience is required. Class size is limited to six individuals.

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