At Thorncroft there is a place for all who have this compassion and a desire to serve. Discover the different ways you can become involved!

Accomplishing our goal of improving the lives of those with special needs is made possible only through the generosity and devotion of our volunteers. At Thorncroft, our volunteers give much more than their time…they give their friendship, their compassion: in a word, themselves.

Weekly Lessons

Our lesson volunteers assist with weekly lessons by grooming and tacking horses before the lesson, leading the horse or side aiding for a student during the lesson, and putting the horse away after the lesson. These volunteers commit to the same day and time every week in order to establish relationships and teamwork between the rider, the instructor and the horse. No horse experience? No problem. We teach our volunteers to work with horses and students.

Corporate Days of Service

Want to get out of the office and impact your community? Thorncroft offers corporate days of service where employees will dedicate their time to a project here on the farm. Past projects have included gardening, horse show prep and construction of our sensory trail. It is a wonderful opportunity for employees to engage as a team for a great cause!

Horse Care and Barn Maintenance

With over 35 horses and 70 acres of land there is no shortage of work to be done! We have opportunities for people to provide basic horse care needs (mucking, hay/feeding, etc.) as well as general farm maintenance.

Volunteers are always needed!

Thorncroft hosts multiple events throughout the year and volunteers are always needed to assist with preparations, day of logistics and other tasks to ensure the success of our events!

Please visit our sign up page by clicking below to view our requirements and take the next steps to becoming a Thorncroft Volunteer!

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Support the Farm!

Since 1969 Thorncroft has provided a safe haven for children and adults with and without special needs. The Farm now includes 70 acres of open space, a conference center, office space and two beautiful indoor arenas… but the work does not stop there.

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